An introduction to Niek de Munck Mortier

A little bit about ‘My Business”...

Hello, I'm Niek de Munck Mortier, the broker-owner of RE/MAX Aruba and leading my awarded Real Estate Sales Team, Team 'de Munck Mortier'.

My adventure in business started in 2003 at the age of 23, moving from the Netherlands to Curacao to start a restaurant with a business partner. This venture expanded to include several eateries in Curacao and one in the Netherlands. In 2011, my wife's career prompted our move to Aruba. She's a doctor, educated in the Netherlands, who got the chance to specialize in family medicine in Aruba, through a program with a Dutch university. This move gave me the perfect chance to start in real estate, a field I was always passionate about.

Despite not knowing anyone on the Island at that time, I was able due to hard work and going for the extra mile service, to position myself in Aruba’s Real Estate market. Starting as a Real Estate agent in 2012, I quickly learned the importance of personal branding, integrity, and hard work in real estate. This effort led to me becoming a partner and managing director at RE/MAX Aruba in 2015.

At RE/MAX Aruba, we've expanded our team to 15 committed agents, making us a prominent real estate firm on the island. My own experiences with buying and selling homes have greatly helped me understand and navigate the challenges and concerns of buyers and sellers. This insight, along with having the RE/MAX network next to me led to having sold over hundreds of properties in Aruba and become friends for life with many of my clients. I now leverage this experience to mentor our agents.

Understanding the need for work-life balance, I created a Sales Team focused on offering outstanding service and deep real estate insights. Jamey Baire joined us nearly five years ago, initially as my assistant for real estate activities, but quickly advanced to become the Operational Manager of Team 'de Munck Mortier,' helping to build a team that embodies our core values. Jamey has become an essential asset to RE/MAX Aruba with his organized management and marketing skills.

Sales team ‘de Munck Mortier’ achieved goals I could only wish for. We have been internationally awarded the last two years with the Platinum Club Team Award for our production. What can I say, I am truly thankful for the dedication and expertise of Jamey Baire and team members Michelle Zichem and Peter Hage. Their efforts are vital as we aim to uphold our standards and assist our clients with empathy and understanding.

Alongside RE/MAX Aruba, we also provide property management services and manage vacation rentals with Aruba Island Vacation Rentals. What began as an extra service for our RE/MAX clients has expanded into a major business, celebrated for its personal approach. At RE/MAX Aruba & Aruba Island Vacation Rentals, we're fortunate to have a fantastic team and knowledgeable agents serving both local and international clients. Working with them is incredibly rewarding.

Personally, I feel blessed to have three amazing kids: July (13), Luca (11), and Lauren (7), along with the unwavering support of my smart wife, Marije Jansen. Right now, I split my time between Aruba and Medellin, Colombia. Medellin is a lively city that we've fallen in love with, thanks to its beautiful nature, pleasant climate, and the warm-heartedness of the ‘Paisas’ people.

My business journey has seen its share of ups and downs, like opening a new restaurant right before the 2008 financial crisis and learning the complexities of retaining real estate agents. These challenges have strengthened me, brought me closer to my family, and taught me valuable life lessons. They've made me a better businessperson and individual, teaching me to persevere, adapt, and plan for the future.

I believe success is built on thorough preparation, continuous hard work, and learning from setbacks. This philosophy is at the heart of our work at my businesses. When people ask me about how to become successful in Real Estate, I often respond with the question: "How much are you willing to sacrifice?" Real Estate isn't about quick profits. It's about gradually building your business through networking, putting in long workdays and having a genuine passion for providing the best service possible to sellers and buyers. For those that are truly passionate, committed, and responsible, you can find success in this field. Especially having the world’s famous Real Estate brand, RE/MAX, on your side.

Splitting my time between Aruba and Medellin opens new business avenues in diverse locations. My passion for assisting buyers, sellers and real estate agents never wanes.

Who can tell what the future holds in El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia..?

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