The decision to sell your home is a big one. Whether this is your first time on the selling side of the real estate process or you've done it multiple times, we're happy to help you sell your home. Our trusted RE/MAX Team DMM agents can help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Sell with RE/MAX – Team DMM  

You have made the decision to sell your home. What is the next step? To successfully sell your home, it makes sense to hire a Team DMM agent. RE/MAX has a sales process ready for you. This is divided into steps that are gone through with you one by one.

  • Step 1: Meeting the real estate agent

    During the initial meeting, your personal Team DMM agent explains what RE/MAX stands for and what we can do for you. We will discuss the opportunities and possibilities regarding the sale. Your expectations are just as important. We go over whether they are achievable and realistic.
  • Step 2: Housing market analysis

    Your home needs to be sold for the best selling price under the most favorable terms. Your Team DMM agent will appraise the house and consider several factors in determining the value of your home. Location, state of repair, size, any renovations and the neighborhood all play a role. The home will be compared to homes already sold and positioned against similar homes for sale in the neighborhood. You will receive an asking price recommendation and with that you will determine together which sales strategy is best for you.
  • Step 3: Sales strategy

    Our Team DMM agents have access to advanced technology and marketing strategies, and have the knowledge and expertise to help sell your home. To put your home on the market in the best possible way, we enrich your home presentation with professional photography by a professional photographer. The house, its surroundings and atmosphere are perfectly portrayed with an average of 30 photos. We place these photos with a professional and targeted sales text on our website.
  • Step 4: Scheduling viewings

    After your property is perfectly marketed, your Team DMM agent schedules viewings with interested parties. Your agent will coordinate with you when the viewings will take place. You as the client are not supposed to be present at the viewings. With a real estate agent, viewers are more honest and critical of the home. They feel less like they are being visited and better empathize with what it is like to live in the home. A viewing is also the time for the real estate agent to solicit feedback. This information is valuable for presenting your home even better in the future and comes in handy in subsequent negotiations.
  • Step 5: Negotiations

    Every negotiation is unique and therefore different. Your Team DMM agent is 100% transparent and will pass on any offer to you. Your Team DMM agent will assist you with the right (objective) advice in this matter.
  • Step 6: Close on your home

    Once you've gone through the process you are ready to officially sell your home! You'll sit down and sign paperwork with the help of a Notary and transfer the ownership of your home to the buyer. Now it's time to celebrate, you've just sold your home and are ready to move on to your next adventure.
  • Step 7: After the sale

    Our team strives to provide the best service in brokerage. For that reason, we like to evaluate the sales process with you. All feedback is welcome and can be in the form of an testimonial.